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Whos still up where are the west coast people at??

I need all of you to vote!! Here is my link to a contest for me to play at websterhall in NYC!!!

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Good afternoon there are 23 hours left to vote and help me win the Rising Fall contest I need you and everyones help by going to the following link and voting. Thank you !!

"I like you too."


Probably one of the most amazing phrases you can hear. It just feels great to have the person you have feelings for, has mutual feelings for you.

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Love isn’t easy - written by me.

Knowing the person you are willing to leave everyone else in the world behind for loves someone else isn’t the easiest thing to manage. Especially knowing that you don’t want to let go.  You can’t always have what you want, maybe happiness isn’t meant for us all but it doesn’t mean you can’t put up a fight. Even if you annoy the person till the last second of your life trying to get them back, even if you step into their wedding and try to object and you get kicked out, even if you get 25 to life for murdering the person she marries, you know deep down inside you weren’t meant for that person. I’d do all this shit to prove my love but why do it when you really can’t make peoples decisions, life is life and it attacks you step by step minute by minute and love bird by love bird. You can’t force love, if you do it’s not true. Just let it all unwind and may the best of your life happen may your happiness be brought up by the right person. Maybe the next person will have butterflies in your tummy just knowing they are the right one, knowing you have life in hands, knowing you have the right person who was meant to make you feel special. Love isn’t such an easy thing neither is it to hard to deal with, but when it strikes it strikes, shit is no joke!